Kusudama - Venus

Um dos kusudamas mais clássicos! Vc pode achar o diagrama aqui. (Se vc comprar um daqueles kits de papéis especiais para kusudama, a instrução vem junto :-) Ah! Eu não juntei costurando, fica horrível! foi na base da cola mesmo :-P
- Mais ou menos 40 módulos de 7,5, dupla face

This is a well-known and classic kusudama. It's called Venus, and you can find the diagram here. And if I may give a suggestion... don't try to tie it up, it gets really floppy and blah... Glue ftw! :-P
- About 40 modules, 7.5 double-sided squares

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reb said...

I too love this kusudama. It took me a couple of months before I figured out how to make that last tuck and fold. And I am having a hard time sewing them tightly together. Do you have any hints on gluing them together, that you would be willing to share?
Thank you for your site. I am having fun looking at all your wonderful work

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