Origami Mini Album

This is a mini-album I've adapted, using some scrapbooking techniques as well. It's all made with a scrapbooking paper (12 in) pictures and scrap. :-)

Este mini-álbum é meio antiguinho, foi dado em uma aula minha na Gana Presentes. É uma mistureba de origami e scrapbooking, e o resultado final ficou bem legal, principalmente por causa do papel. Usei um papel de scrapbook (que mede mais ou menos 30x30 cm), e mais alguns retalhos para o embellishment. Modéstia à parte, ficou super fofo! ^_^

1 I'd love to hear from u! Adorarei ler sua opinião!:

Springflower24 said...

hello, my name is Flory, I am from Romania, recently found my passion for origami, I already made some things using this and I have in mind another project with kusudama balls. I found your blog and I've seen beautiful models here! I did, some months ago a little album that looks almost like this, you can find it here: http://springflower24.blogspot.com/ is my blog where I put my crafty creations. Yours is also very interesting, you have a tutorial for it? I would like to make this also! Thanks and congrats for your work!

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