Home is...

I was looking for a nice/fun/cute quote to hang in my house, and Pinterest can always help me! The top ones were:

Home is where the heart is 
Home is where your story begins
What I love most about my house is who I share it with
Home is wherever I am with you
This house is clean enough to be healthy and dirty enough to be happy
Home is where the pants aren't 
Home is where the bra comes off 
Home is where I can look and feel ugly and enjoy it

But this was the chosen one...

Cardboard letters from HobbyCraft, scrapbook paper from DCWV.
Letras de papelão da HobbyCraft e papel de scrapbook da DCWV.

Há tempos eu estava procurando uma citação legal, ou fofa, para colocar em casa, aí graças ao Pinterest achei várias opções, a escolhida foi essa aí :-)

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